on form is an attempt to understand what and how structures form and change over time.

I don't know what it is yet.

This work is emerging.


It seems like it may coalesce with a daily practice of writing poems and essays.

It will almost certainly follow the moon.


It involves salt crystals, vibrations, hanging cloth and outdoor installation.

It is almost definitely about immigration, travel, marriage, love, graduate school bureaucracy, complicity, abuse, loss of records, heat, dust, disappearance, resilience and daily practice.

In my imagination, this project may and will manifest as talismans, fetishes and totems installed and documented in spaces related to my personal history of migration.

This project ideally involves collaboration.

Included works:

Hanging crystals

Collaborative weavings

Maps, holes and nests

                                              Moon phase writing


2015 - 2018

of color (2018)

remnants of a process of healing (2016)

meditation in the house of lonely creole girls


virgin's moon