yeah fuck artists, fuck minimalism, the symbolic order, order at all.  i'm a child of the (insert world). i don't believe in borders, i don't know about categories, and yes that's probably related to creolite. hell, the only thing i know is that if i'm an artist i have to be able to articulate myself to a public but what i really want to say to a public is "alas, here i am anyway." because the way i've been introduced to conceiving articulation is as a producer of readymades, as  a way of objectively detaching my body from my work. Please use this information to insert me or my things or my ideas into the appropriate conversations and contexts, insert something different for the intention making contrast. i can talk about my age, my generation, my nationality, ethnicity, race, weight, peers, schools, traditions, intentions. I love talking about identity. i can be incredibly articulate and i want to articulate that the binary isn't articulation vs. non articulation, it's not me pointing out how colonialism has wrecked me, and how there's something to claim. no, i've been wrecked but there's something else entirely to discover in the wreckage, another way of engaging, a new lease on life. i was told in my first writing class that we learned about history in order to acquire social capital and I guess I'm a little sore. when I show myself on the internet, it's so you can find me in real life. but i want to eschew the notion of real life, i live in a dream state, every location is a portal, every thing in front of me a symbol,  a series and set of relationships between bodies, i don't even know, i just wanna, oh, please  let's play






















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