The daily work of making proceeds chaotically.

Though I have grand and ambitious plans for my projects, their manifestation is an act of patience and will. Because of the way I approach my practice, things happen in their own time, privately and often without my full understanding.

FAMILIAR AND PREDICTABLE is a monthly zine that is published to the cycle of the moon. It is birthed on the new moon and released around the full moon. Whatever happens in between. Blank pages and failure are inevitable.

Around the gibbous moon, I will share work in progress with others privately.

My daily practice is restricted by my own mood, health and resources. It responds to the needs of those that I love, but does not fully yield to other people.


At its most ideal, it involves equal amounts of listening, making and reacting.

Listening involves deep consumption. It means listening deeply to other people. It involves reading, watching, tasting, smelling, hurting, feeling. It's me in a corner totally quiet and pensive. An image of a vessel being filled.

Making is to me an act of discipline and patience. It matters less that it is good and more that it is happening and continues to a conclusion. It is practice. This involves drawing and painting mundane things. Poetic form without meaning. Logical proof. Youtube tutorials. Recipes. Choreography.

Reacting is what it sounds like. Other people would call it inspiration, but I am not fully able to sort out in myself what might possibly be inspired. I react for pain, for pleasure, for conviction, for curiosity. Some of this may turn out to be fleeting. Hopefully all of it will be strange.