Plan for an atlas


maps showing the travels of maternal ancestors. straight passages from one large land mass to another.

      ceremonial boats

      a plan for a hub at the center of these crossings
map showing the locations of all living relatives

      the location of a closet for family secrets that no-one can access
map showing potential paternal lineages

       an episode of jerry springer where men do fitness tests about emotional health and security
map of places where i gave up

      the death of parallel universes
map of places where i failed
places my mother wishes to go but has not

     items and clues
map of immigration authorities, color coded by ease of entry
map of people i cannot stop thinking about
map of people i have forgotten though they were kind
map of the place i grew up from memory
map of all the places i lived from memory, all maps show just the house, the bed, the grocery, a church, and the way to the airport.

     the possibility of being shelter
map of places that trauma can be mined

     cross listed with map of people i can't forget

     collection of precious crystals
map of places that encourage the mining of trauma /overlaid with a map of educational institutions

      fishing nets that only capture particular shapes
places where i believed in god, or places where i understand that i was very small and potent

map of plums fallen to the ground

     objective scrying
map of alternative names for plants

      gardens planted in various holes